jGlycy Demo

jGlycy + Accordion

使用プラグイン jquery.accordion.js

<div jg="accordion" jg:accordion="event:'mouseover'">
  <!---     some codes  ---!>

jGlycy + clueTip

使用プラグイン jquery.cluetip.js

<a href="javascript:void(0);" jg="cluetip" jg:cluetip="splitTitle:'|',sticky: true, ceosePosition: 'title'" title="jGlycy + clueTip Demo | this is jGlycy + C
lueTip Demo.The thing you have to do is put jg attribute in the target tag">jglycy + cluetip</a>

jGlycy + cycle

使用プラグイン jquery.cycle.js

<div class="pics" jg="cycle" jg:cycle="fx:'scrollDown',speed:300">
    <img src="/jglycy/lib/images/cycle_img1.jpg" />
    <img src="/jglycy/lib/images/cycle_img2.jpg" />
    <img src="/jglycy/lib/images/cycle_img3.jpg" />

jGlycy + tablesorter

使用プラグイン jquery.tablesorter.js

<table jg="tablesorter" jg:tablesorter="widgets:['sebra']">
  <!-- some codes --!>

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